Energy: Good VS Bad and the people around you

Hey yall! Thank you for tuning in again to another blog. This time we will be talking about energy and why it is important. Let’s start here. It is important to have good energy and to be around good energy. What you put out into the world is a reflection of your energy. Here is what I mean: If you are always being negative and constantly speaking negativity. The universe hears this and will bring to you the negativity you are speaking of. What you put in the universe will come back to you. That is why it is important to speak positivity and love into the universe so you can get that back in return. When you have good energy the universe works in your favor. Good energy and positive thinking will allow your dreams to come true. This will allow you to meet all of your goals. Have you ever heard this saying? "You are what you speak" or how about "Watch what you say because once you say it you can not take it back". Both of these quotes plays key factors on the way your life is and will go. You can’t expect to have a full great life when you are a negative person or if you are around negative people. Which brings me to the next topic, the people around you. The people around you does reflect you and your life. The people around you should reflect the same goals and inspirations as you. How do you expect to get far in life or to follow your dreams if the people around you are not wanting the same thing? If you are around negative people or people with no goals or dreams and who are just surviving in life. That will eventually become you. Moral of the story, live your life in positivity. Have friends who have something to loose. Have friends who have goals and dreams. Have friends that will help you up when you are down. You are the company you keep 💯

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