Set your goals and accomplish them‼️

What’s up BoujièBabes! I first want to say thank you to all of my supportera especially the ones from day one. I am on this business journey and has set goals for myself and will not stop until those goals are met. Here is my new goal: To quit my 9-5 and become a full time business owner. I have been wanting to focus more and more on BoujièCosmetics and less on work. There are times I find myself working on BoujièCosmetics while working my 9-5. Wheww! Now that’s stressful. But it has to be done. How many of you guys have goals that you are trying to achieve? Well, let me tell you that all of your goals can be achieve, you just have to believe I yourself. No matter what other people say, you have to keep going. That is my pledge to myself. I will keep going no matter the odds. I want to set this goal for a year in advance that I will quit my 9-5 to pursue boujiècosmetics full tim. I will speak this into existence, write it down and pray. I believe in myself that this can happen.

Boujièbabes, comment your goals and let me know how you plan to achieve them. We are in this together! Let’s get to achieving these goals ❤️❤️

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